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  • TypoCurator_bot Mini-app is now on Telegram APP Center!

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TypoCurator Now LIve in Telegram App Center.png

    TypoCurator_bot Mini-app is now on Telegram APP Center!

    TypoCurator allows Telegram users to solve web3 education puzzles to earn $TPX.

    Collective Labeling
    These efforts are never wasted. Instead, the answers become labeling datasets to fine-tune better web3 intent LLMs and model evaluations.

    Create AI Native Job
    AI labeling is becoming key to AI innovation. The Typo Curating Protocol aims to build an open labeling economy on an open network, creating 1 billion AI-native remote jobs for people around the world.

    Find "TypoCurator" in the Telegram App Center & join the Beta Test group chat today for the latest updates:

  • TypoCurator Product Update Announcement/TypoCurator 產品更新公告

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    Revision Announcement
    Dear Users,

    After thorough communication with the community and internal discussions, we have decided to make some adjustments to the stamina mechanism. We realized that resetting stamina daily could lead to frustration among users. Therefore, from now on, stamina will no longer reset daily. This means that the stamina you gain through invitations will be retained each day.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

  • Break Barriers, Share the Future: TypoCurator Officially Launched

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    Frame 27.png

    At WWDC 2024, Apple garnered global attention by announcing the integration of ChatGPT into iOS 18. This move not only highlights Apple’s innovative leadership in the field of artificial intelligence but also underscores the importance of localizing, miniaturizing, and personalizing AI models. As technology advances, AI models are gradually moving towards device localization, bringing users a safer and more efficient experience. In this wave of innovation, TypoCurator emerges as a revolutionary data annotation tool, dedicated to enhancing the performance and transparency of AI models through user participation and blockchain technology.

    Let's TypoCurator Now:

    What is TypoCurator?

    TypoCurator is a data annotation tool embedded in Telegram Mini Apps. Users can assist in optimizing customized AI models by selecting the best answers and earning $TPX token rewards through data annotation. This innovative platform not only simplifies the data annotation process but also ensures the transparency and security of the reward system through blockchain technology.

    Four Major Advantages of TypoCurator

    Seamless Access, Easy to Use
    In today’s fast-paced world, the convenience of user experience is paramount. TypoCurator users only need a smartphone and an internet connection to log in via Telegram and start annotation tasks. There’s no need to download additional apps or undergo cumbersome registration processes, ensuring broad user coverage and lowering the barrier to entry.

    Native Incentives, Instant Redemption
    TypoCurator integrates natively with Telegram’s TON blockchain. Upon completing annotation tasks, users can directly receive $TPX tokens. These tokens are instantly credited to the user’s TON blockchain wallet, allowing users to view and manage their rewards at any time, and withdraw tokens for other blockchain operations. This native incentive mechanism significantly boosts user engagement and trust.

    Decentralized Annotation, Inclusive Diversity
    TypoCurator adopts a decentralized annotation method, breaking the limitations of language, region, and culture. No matter where you are, you can participate and contribute your wisdom and insights. This low-barrier participation ensures the broad representativeness and high quality of data, avoiding biases inherent in traditional annotation methods, thereby providing a solid foundation for optimizing AI models.

    Security and Transparency, Trustworthy
    In an era where data privacy and security are of growing concern, TypoCurator leverages blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and immutability of every transaction. Every participant’s contribution is fairly recorded, and smart contracts ensure fair and efficient reward distribution, greatly enhancing user trust.

    The Significance of Decentralized Annotation for AI Model Miniaturization, Privatization, and Localization

    Decentralized data annotation is not just a technical innovation; it is crucial for promoting the miniaturization, privatization, and localization of AI models. Here are its key roles:

    Data Diversity and Representativeness
    Decentralized annotation allows users from diverse backgrounds worldwide to participate, ensuring data diversity and representativeness. This diverse data is essential for training more generalized and robust AI models, helping to reduce model bias and improve performance across different scenarios.

    Local Processing and Privacy Protection
    With local processing, user data can be annotated and processed directly on the device, avoiding the risks associated with uploading data to the cloud. This not only enhances data processing speed but also greatly protects user privacy. TypoCurator ensures data security through local annotation and decentralized storage.

    Training Miniaturized Models
    Decentralized annotation can provide rich and high-quality datasets for training miniaturized AI models. With distributed computing and edge computing technologies, AI models can be trained and optimized on local devices, reducing reliance on large data centers and improving computational efficiency.

    Personalized Services
    As AI models become localized, users can customize models according to personal needs and preferences. Decentralized annotation not only provides rich data support but also ensures the privacy and immutability of data through blockchain technology, offering users more personalized and trustworthy AI services.

    Apple’s Localized AI Models: Enhancing Privacy and Efficiency

    Apple’s localized and integrated AI model technology showcased at WWDC 2024 not only enhances user experience but also ensures data privacy and security. By running AI models locally on devices, user data is processed faster and privacy is better protected. TypoCurator similarly focuses on user privacy and data security, ensuring all data processing is conducted on user devices, reducing the risk of data breaches through decentralized and blockchain technologies.

    Who Can Benefit from TypoCurator?

    Data Annotators
    No need for complex technical backgrounds; simply answer questions and select the best answers to earn $TPX token rewards, easily transforming knowledge and skills into value.

    AI and Blockchain Enthusiasts
    Participate in data annotation tasks to gain a deep understanding of AI model workings and optimization processes while earning token rewards to purchase learning resources or other uses.

    Web3 Developers
    Obtain high-quality datasets through TypoCurator to optimize customized AI models, enhance development efficiency and model quality, and earn additional token rewards through annotation tasks.

    Future Vision: Connecting the World, Sharing Wisdom

    Against the backdrop of rapid global technological advancements, TypoCurator’s mission is to provide an open, inclusive, and efficient data annotation platform through decentralization and blockchain technology. We believe that every user’s participation will inject new momentum into the development of AI technology. By sharing wisdom and insights, TypoCurator not only enhances AI model performance but also drives technological innovation and progress.

    Join TypoCurator and be part of the global wisdom-sharing movement. Let’s break barriers and share the future together!

    Visit TypoCurator or explore more through Telegram Mini Apps.

  • TypoCurator: Transforming Decentralized Data Management

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TypoCurator is an essential part of the TypoX AI ecosystem, functioning as a decentralized tagging and data curation protocol that leverages global user intelligence to deliver high-quality Web3 intent datasets. Through TypoCurator, we are redefining data management and tagging, introducing innovation and efficiency to the Web3 world.

    Key Features:

    list itemGlobal Collaboration: Utilize the collective intelligence of millions of Web3 enthusiasts to create top-tier datasets. The Typo Curation Protocol enables decentralized data management, improving data processing efficiency and user experience.
    Automated Data Tagging: Integrate AI with human intelligence to automate data tagging and curation. Typo Intent OS provides a specialized AI fine-tuning framework, enhancing AI intent recognition in Web3 scenarios.
    Instant Rewards and $TPX Incentive System: Participants can earn immediate $TPX rewards by completing tagging tasks, fostering global user engagement and establishing an economically sustainable data management model.
    Gamified Tasks: A Telegram mini-app lets users create intent labeling datasets by solving puzzles, offering a gamified experience.

    TypoCurator is not only a robust tool for data scientists and developers but also generates millions of remote job opportunities for the global Web3 community through innovative incentive mechanisms. Our aim is to offer a more efficient, cost-effective solution for the Web3 ecosystem via a decentralized data management economic model.