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TPX Token Ops & Governance

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  • Important TypoX AI Token ($TPX) Information

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    We’re expanding our community and want to ensure you have the correct info on TypoX AI Token ($TPX). We’ve spotted potential fraudulent tokens mimicking our details. Please be aware of the following key information:

    Name: TypoX AI Token
    Symbol: TPX
    Smart Contract: EQD9G51RpADBGVaojKpV-xNGJy3Kr9rkEHxtVXcRvoitg3vf

    IMPORTANT: Double-check the token address if buying, receiving, or swapping $TPX!

    Treasury Holding Address: UQAdDOnLfk-wjMGrrXX4NmTHCd4lsKEMUirdvYpkaD-2rCZ5
    (Holds 10M TPX for IDO, Airdrop, and liquidity reserve)

    Treasury Lock-Up Address: UQC3S-4Otw4Jlj9JOhxT6umsrYuHVVffZtj_ie0JOavBfLlo
    (Unused tokens in custody, only released for future cross-chain bridge swap)

    Treasury User Withdraw Address: UQBSHTrlLoKqejP3yFENVlQQPiFG1bMtyD4m_84dWnxEAVF5

    Treasury Rev. Receiver Address: UQBMUtlHZ-8FbWlfdEc5DN2r-g47cT4k3W_cep40c5JyUszM

    TONUP IDO Addresses:

    EQBwmbRDykbISmRmuyqlPvty2ml1ALK-Yh2OZZGxHDktp4Nl EQDTa-R1AVv_fpy5gbowuIVUV5AlRkud-SrBsp7G5gjE176D UQBufPjo3fQHGBIVr8vnTkFbg7ksLtdFobc-RZJnaYPoZ85b

    Stay vigilant and verify addresses to avoid potential fraud. Thank you for your support!

  • TypoX AI S1 Airdrop Claim Guidelines

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    🚀 Exciting News! TypoX AI’s S1 Airdrop is Now Live! 🌟

    Welcome to the official guideline for participating in TypoX AI’s S1 Airdrop. Please follow the steps below to ensure you secure your TPX tokens on TON.

    1. Eligibility Check
    To check your eligibility for the airdrop:
    • Step 1: Go to TypoX AI Airdrop page
    • Step 2: Connect your wallet.
    • Step 3: Locate the “Season I” tab.
    • Step 4: Check your airdrop points. If they aren’t zero, it means you’re eligible.


    2. Participation and Points Submission
    If you have participated in S1 activities and earned points, please follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Visit the Zealy link.
    • Step 2: Submit your TON address via Zealy to secure your TPX tokens.
    Note: Please use the wallet address that you used to participate in the S1 activities to log in to Zealy.


    Why TON?
    TPX has successfully launched its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on TON, establishing a TON-based liquidity pool. This move benefits our early-stage community by providing a robust and secure platform for trading TPX tokens.

    Where Can I find my TPX tokens?
    Open @typocurator_bot in the Telegram and check your rewards with your TON wallet.

    DYOR Research Introduction to CrewAI (3).png

    When Can I receive TPX tokens?
    7/2 After we collect TON wallet addresses, we will distribute S1 airdrop tokens.

    We appreciate your support and participation in the TypoX AI community. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

  • TPX DEX initial liquidity plan on TON

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    3rd Liquidity Boost
    2000 TON and equivalent amount of TPX will be added into the TPX/TON trading pair (in next 12 hours).

    Fund transferred to Treasury-LP
    +2000 TON
    +40,000 TPX

  • Everything you need to know about TPX.

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    @chiangmai Thanks for your help, I managed to file a claim

  • Exciting News: TypoX AI IDO Launch!

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    @chiangmai I can't reply to your message, the chat won't let me through

  • Verified Sources for TPX Token Information

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TPX Verified Sources.png

    Following the successful IDO of TPX token within the TON ecosystem, we have compiled a list of verified websites.

    These platforms offer reliable, current information on $TPX token metrics, prices, and more, ensuring our community has access to trusted resources for all TPX token needs.

    Verified Websites List:

    GeckoTerminal: TPX/TON DYOR Ninja: TPX/TON STONfi: TPX/TON
  • Initial on final stats (price, sales amount, circulating supply)

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    @BK_Xman The token we sold in initial IDO is about 355,300, that is 0.35% of total TPX supply.