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Ambassadors & Leaderships

This track is designed for loyal users, KOLs, community leaders who are already interested in becoming ambassadors.

The detail plan will roll-out soon!

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  • TypoX Community Ambassador Recruiting Plan

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TypoX AI is dedicated to enabling a broader range of users to better connect with Web3 application scenarios and innovative businesses. As a blockchain deeply integrated with Telegram and retail user scenarios, TON will bring nearly one billion users into Web3.

    TypoX AI aims to become the most important AI protocol within the TON ecosystem, accelerating Web3 mass adoption. Through TypoX x TON, more people will be empowered to contribute to the transformation of AI technology.

    Here is the revised version with improved grammar and clarity, in both Chinese and English:

    English Version
    Operating Mechanism
    As an exploratory attempt, TPX Treasury will allocate a budget of 3,000 $TPX (for first month) to recruit 5-8 community members as the first batch of community ambassadors.

    During their tenure, ambassadors will assist the community management team with various operational tasks, such as distributing important community information, answering community questions, compiling content for the community forum, and establishing and maintaining community rules. Task assignments will be arranged based on members’ preferences and actual circumstances through consultation.

    The detailed initial action guide will be announced later and maintained and iterated through future community governance meetings and activities.

    How to Participate
    Fill out the form and submit your intention. The community administrator will contact you shortly.
    🔗 Submit here:

    Chinese Version
    作為探索性嘗試,TPX Treasury將準備3000 TPX的預算招募5-8名社區成員,成為第一批社區大使。



    🔗 提交鏈接: