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This is the heart of our community where users can connect, share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate on projects. Whether you're a newcomer seeking guidance or a seasoned expert looking to share your insights, you'll find a place here.

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  • Come up with your ideas & proposals, build the app and community you want!

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  • This track is designed for loyal users, KOLs, community leaders who are already interested in becoming ambassadors.

    The detail plan will roll-out soon!

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TypoX AI is dedicated to enabling a broader range of users to better connect with Web3 application scenarios and innovative businesses. As a blockchain deeply integrated with Telegram and retail user scenarios, TON will bring nearly one billion users into Web3.

    TypoX AI aims to become the most important AI protocol within the TON ecosystem, accelerating Web3 mass adoption. Through TypoX x TON, more people will be empowered to contribute to the transformation of AI technology.

    Here is the revised version with improved grammar and clarity, in both Chinese and English:

    English Version
    Operating Mechanism
    As an exploratory attempt, TPX Treasury will allocate a budget of 3,000 $TPX (for first month) to recruit 5-8 community members as the first batch of community ambassadors.

    During their tenure, ambassadors will assist the community management team with various operational tasks, such as distributing important community information, answering community questions, compiling content for the community forum, and establishing and maintaining community rules. Task assignments will be arranged based on members’ preferences and actual circumstances through consultation.

    The detailed initial action guide will be announced later and maintained and iterated through future community governance meetings and activities.

    How to Participate
    Fill out the form and submit your intention. The community administrator will contact you shortly.
    🔗 Submit here:

    Chinese Version
    作為探索性嘗試,TPX Treasury將準備3000 TPX的預算招募5-8名社區成員,成為第一批社區大使。



    🔗 提交鏈接:

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  • Community Social Map

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    TypoX_AI ModT
    TypoX Community Channels


    Official Channels Official Twitter: TypoX TG Group: Topic Directory IDO: Typo Curator Mini App Beta:
  • Welcome to TypoX's Community Hub!

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    Hello and welcome to TypoX's Community Hub, the heart of our community! 😄 😄

    We're thrilled to have you here. This is a place where users from all backgrounds can come together to connect, share experiences, ask questions, and collaborate on projects related to TypoX AI and the wider blockchain world.

    Getting Started:

    Explore the Categories: Our forum is divided into several categories:

    Announcement: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from TypoX AI. TypoX's Community Hub: Engage with the community, ask questions, and share your experiences. 👈 where you're at Campaigns & Events: Learn about upcoming events, webinars, and AMAs. Research: Dive into in-depth discussions and analyses on various blockchain & crypto related topics.

    Tips for Engaging:

    Be Respectful: Treat all members with respect and kindness. We value a supportive and inclusive environment. Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how basic they might seem. We’re here to help! Share Your Knowledge: If you have expertise or experiences to share, please do! Your insights can help others.

    Community Resources:

    FAQ: Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to common queries. Support & Feedback: If you need help or have suggestions, visit our Support and Feedback thread.

    Thank you for joining TypoX Hub. Let's to build a thriving community together!

    The TypoX AI Team

  • Community Guidelines

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    To ensure a positive and productive environment for everyone, we’ve established a set of guidelines for community behavior.

    Please take a moment to read through them:

    1. Be Respectful and Courteous Treat all members with respect, kindness, and empathy. Discrimination, harassment, or abusive language will not be tolerated. 2. Stay On Topic Please keep discussions relevant to the forum category and thread topic. Off-topic posts may be moved or removed by moderators. 3. No Spam or Self-Promotion Avoid spamming the community with repeated messages or irrelevant content. Self-promotion is allowed in designated areas only and should not disrupt discussions. 4. Protect Privacy Do not share personal information about yourself or others. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all members. 5. Constructive Feedback Provide constructive and helpful feedback. When disagreeing, do so respectfully and with the intention of fostering understanding. 6. Report Issues

    If you encounter any issues or violations of these guidelines, please report them to the moderators in our Telegram group for quick outreach.

    Consequences for Violations: Posts that violate these guidelines may be edited or removed. Repeated or severe violations may result in temporary or permanent bans.

    Thank you for helping us create a positive and welcoming community. By following these guidelines, we can all ensure that TypoX's Community Hub remains a valuable and enjoyable place for everyone.

    If you have any questions or need further clarification, please feel free to reach out to our moderators.

    The TypoX AI Team

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    Dear Community Members,

    Thank you for your enthusiastic support of the TypoCurator Beta test! Throughout the testing process, we have continually collected feedback from the community and made adjustments to optimize our product mechanisms, user interaction experience, and interface quality. Thanks to your support and attention, our product has now attracted over 55,000 enthusiastic users who have annotated more than 2,500,000 pieces of data. These achievements would not have been possible without your efforts and contributions, and we are immensely grateful for your passionate support!

    In the early stages of testing, we implemented some inclusive incentive measures aimed at attracting more users and increasing project visibility. As a result, our initial question setups and processes were relatively simple to allow more users to easily participate and gradually become familiar with the usage habits and AI annotation process.

    In the latest adjustments, we will link the earnings rate to the difficulty and quality of the questions to ensure maximum fairness for users and sustainability for the project. This approach not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of AI annotations but also motivates everyone to create higher quality content.

    Additionally, the annotation data from early Beta users has been open-sourced on Huggingface. We firmly believe that through close collaboration with the community, we can jointly build a vibrant and sustainable AI+Web3 future. This is not only our goal but also the direction of our continuous efforts.

    Once again, thank you to every user for your active participation and valuable feedback. Let us move forward together and create a more brilliant future!

    The TypoCurator Team

    Attached:Product Mechanism Update


    感謝您對TypoCurator Beta測試的熱情支持!在測試過程中,我們不斷收集社區的反饋,並據此進行調整,以優化我們的產品機制、用戶交互體驗和介面質量。感謝大家的支持和關注,目前我們的產品已經吸引了55,000+用戶熱情參與,並標註了2,500,000+條數據。這一切的成果離不開你們的努力和建設,我們再次十分感謝大家的熱情支持!







  • Explanation of Address Discrepancies on TON

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    You can easily verify if you have the same address on TON and track the status of your withdrawals using Tonviewer:


  • All you need to know about TONUP IDO!

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    TypoX_AI ModT


    About TypoX AI

    Typo move to TON

    About TPX IDO on

    All you need to know about IDO

    Date & Time

    Whitelist Round

    Date: May 29th Time: 00:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC Note: Whitelist Required

    Public Round

    Date: May 29th 12:00 UTC - May 31st 12:00 UTC Note: First Come, First Served

    Token Distribution

    Date: May 31st Time: 13:00 UTC IDO Details

    IDO Target

    Amount: 10,000 TON

    IDO Max Amount

    Whitelist Round: 15,000 TON Public Round: 50,000 TON

    IDO Price

    1 $TPX: 0.0786 $TON (~0.5 USD)

    Vesting Details

    Whitelist Round & Public Round: 100% fully unlocked at Token Generation Event (TGE)

    Participation Limitation

    Whitelist Round: May 29th, from 10 TON up to 300 TON per whitelist Public Round: May 29th, from 10 TON up to 200 TON per address Tokenomics



    When can I get the IDO TPX token?
    As there is no lock-up period. You will receive the full amount of TPX allocated to you right after the IDO.

    How many circulating supply at the moment of initial launch and after?
    Since this is the initial launch, no other portion of the token has been unlocked prior to this IDO. The detailed lock-up terms and vesting schedule are fully outlined in the tokenomics section, and they will be executed accordingly.

    What is the IDO raising target?
    The initial 4 IDO is target to 10,000 TON value equivalent TPX and 65,000 TON hard cap. With target launch price of $0.5 USD (0.0786 $TON).

    Is there any VCs backed TypoX AI?
    TypoX AI is fully incubated by KNN3 Network, benefiting from the support of many of KNN3 Network’s investors. However, as TypoX AI was funded and developed from the ground up by KNN3 for almost a year, it skipped the seed round fundraising, (meaning there are no independent TypoX AI seed investors), this provides TypoX AI with the flexibility to distribute TPX with the community initial launch without the pressure of prior rounds.

    Additionally, there is an ongoing private sales round that recently commenced. This round primarily aims to provide TPX with extra liquidity operation space, facilitate top exchange listings, and elevate brand awareness to propel the retailing AI ecosystem to the next level.

    When will $TPX be listed, and is there any liquidity plan?
    $TPX will be listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX) within less than a week after the initial distribution event (IDO).

    The majority of the funds raised during the IDO will be allocated for liquidity provision and market value management purposes, allowing ample space for market price discovery.

    More questions

    If you have more question, feel free to reach out us in TPX IDO TG group:, or simply leave you question under this thread, thanks!