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    TypoX_AI ModT
    TypoCurator v0.3_beta Update Announcement

    Dear TypoCurator Users,

    We are excited to announce a series of important updates to enhance your experience and interaction on our platform. Here are the details of this update:

    1. New SBT: Typo Protocol Member Card

    We have introduced a new Typo Protocol Member Card SBT (Soulbound Token). Every user can log in and claim it. The Member Card grants the following privileges:

    Future Airdrops: Priority access to future airdrops. In-App Features: Unlock advanced features on the platform. Ecosystem Privileges: Enjoy a range of privileges within the TypoCurator ecosystem. 2. New Invitation Reward Mechanism

    We have launched a new invitation reward mechanism:

    Reward Mechanism: For every new user registered and claimed the SBT through an invitation, the inviter will receive a 0.1 $TPX reward. Retrospective Rewards: Accounts invited before the new mechanism launch can also provide $TPX rewards to their inviters by claiming the SBT. Energy Rewards: The mechanism for inviters to receive energy quota remains unchanged. 3. Changes to Question Pool and Rounds

    To optimize the user experience, we have made the following adjustments to the question pool and answering rounds:

    Number of Questions per Round: Reduced to 10 questions per round. Rewards per Round: The reward per round remains 0.1 $TPX. Accuracy Requirement: Only rounds with an accuracy rate of 80% or higher will be rewarded; otherwise, the round will be invalid. Video Ads Removal: Temporarily removed video ads within the mini-app.

    We believe these updates will bring you a better experience and more opportunities. Thank you for your support and participation in TypoCurator!

    Stay tuned for more exciting content!

    The TypoCurator Team

    TypoCurator v0.3_beta 更新公告

    親愛的 TypoCurator 用戶,


    1. 新的 SBT:Typo Protocol Member Card

    我們新增了 Typo Protocol Member Card 的 SBT(Soulbound Token),每位用戶都可以登錄並領取。擁有 Member Card 的用戶將享有以下特權:

    未來空投:享有未來空投的優先權。 應用內功能:解鎖平台上的高級功能。 生態特權:享有 TypoCurator 生態系統中的一系列特權。 2. 新的邀請獎勵機制


    獎勵機制:每邀請一位新用戶註冊並領取 SBT,邀請人將獲得 0.1 $TPX 獎勵。 可追溯獎勵:新機制上線之前被邀請的賬戶也可以通過領取 SBT 來給其邀請人增加 $TPX 獎勵。 體力獎勵:邀請用戶獲得體力的機制保持不變。 3. 題庫及輪次變化


    每輪答題數量:每輪答題數量降至 10 題。 每輪答題獎勵:每輪答題獎勵依然為 0.1 $TPX。 答題準確率要求:只有答題準確率達到 80% 以上,才可獲得本輪獎勵,否則本輪答題將無效。 取消視頻廣告:暫時取消了 mini-app 內的視頻廣告。

    我們相信這些更新將為您帶來更好的體驗和更多的機會。感謝您對 TypoCurator 的支持和參與!


    TypoCurator 團隊

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    TypoCurator Now LIve in Telegram App Center.png

    TypoCurator_bot Mini-app is now on Telegram APP Center!

    TypoCurator allows Telegram users to solve web3 education puzzles to earn $TPX.

    Collective Labeling
    These efforts are never wasted. Instead, the answers become labeling datasets to fine-tune better web3 intent LLMs and model evaluations.

    Create AI Native Job
    AI labeling is becoming key to AI innovation. The Typo Curating Protocol aims to build an open labeling economy on an open network, creating 1 billion AI-native remote jobs for people around the world.

    Find "TypoCurator" in the Telegram App Center & join the Beta Test group chat today for the latest updates:

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    TypoX_AI ModT

    🚀 Exciting News! TypoX AI’s S1 Airdrop is Now Live! 🌟

    Welcome to the official guideline for participating in TypoX AI’s S1 Airdrop. Please follow the steps below to ensure you secure your TPX tokens on TON.

    1. Eligibility Check
    To check your eligibility for the airdrop:
    • Step 1: Go to TypoX AI Airdrop page
    • Step 2: Connect your wallet.
    • Step 3: Locate the “Season I” tab.
    • Step 4: Check your airdrop points. If they aren’t zero, it means you’re eligible.


    2. Participation and Points Submission
    If you have participated in S1 activities and earned points, please follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Visit the Zealy link.
    • Step 2: Submit your TON address via Zealy to secure your TPX tokens.
    Note: Please use the wallet address that you used to participate in the S1 activities to log in to Zealy.


    Why TON?
    TPX has successfully launched its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on TON, establishing a TON-based liquidity pool. This move benefits our early-stage community by providing a robust and secure platform for trading TPX tokens.

    Where Can I find my TPX tokens?
    Open @typocurator_bot in the Telegram and check your rewards with your TON wallet.

    DYOR Research Introduction to CrewAI (3).png

    When Can I receive TPX tokens?
    7/2 After we collect TON wallet addresses, we will distribute S1 airdrop tokens.

    We appreciate your support and participation in the TypoX AI community. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.